Halloween Kittens Stop by the GRD Studio!
One of the more fun aspects of my job is that every Tuesday, the Humane Society stops by the GRD studio and brings us an animal that needs a home. I don't think anyone can resist a kitten right?
Especially when they are entirely black or orange! Like Halloween!
Brutal Metal Guys With Cute Fluffy Cats
When you think metal, what do you think? Tall dudes wearing black, spikes, long hair, tons of tattoo's, and listening to bands like Goatwhore right? Now combine these brutal dudes with a cute fluffy cat.
Jackie’s Daily Dose Of Cute
Today's daily dose of cuteness is this cat. I am a cat lady, a crazy cat lady. This cat is just the cutest thing I have ever seen! It's drinking tea! Out of a straw! I want him...
The Cutest Effin’ Animal Report
I don't care who you are, you cannot look at these animals and not say, "Holy f*ck! That is the cutest damn thing I have ever seen!"
I decided who doesn't love looking at cute animals? Everyone loves it!
Unless you are one of those weirdo serial killers who begin by torturing animals be…
Jackie Gets a New Pet
I am not good with pets, so be prepared for this to be no exception.  I have gone through hamsters, turtles, kittens, they don't last long in my care... but hopefully this one will be different because she is the cutest damn kitten in the entire world...