New Pinup Merchandise From ModBettie
If pinup ladies are your thing, check this out.
ModBettie has released playing cards, post cards AND calendars.
This is sweet to me mainly because I am featured on them!
Check out what ModBettie will soon have for sale on its website!
Jackie's Random Video
This is weird.
I was throwing things around in my closet and found this video.
I must have been taping Skillet last year when they came to 'GRD and played an acoustic live show in the studio for some of our listeners. Well, I clearly was on something that day.
Watch this 20-second video and le…
Jackie In Commercial For Striders
We all know by now that I love running. I buy nearly all my running stuff from Striders and they other day they asked me to be in their new commercial! I thought that was pretty cool myself and said sure!
Jackie On With Free Beer & Hot Wings
It's the end of the week and that means I join Free Beer & Hot Wings in the studio for our weekly chat. Today things were random... I still don't necessarily know what we were talking about... Listen here to see what I mean.
Skin Deep Tattoo Expo Hitting Delta Plex (Interview)
I am emceeing the Miss Skin Deep Pinup Pageant this May and I am beyond excited! Tons of people have asked for more information so I got some staff from the Delta Plex Arena to come in here and lay it out for us! Listen to the interview for all you need to know about the upcoming event!
Jackie On FBHW- Anti-Mortem, Running, & More
Every Friday (Thursday if the guys are outta town!) I join FBHW in the studio and chat just about whatever is on our minds at the time. Today we got to talking about how I am interviewing the band, Anti-Mortem today live, and we talked about Zane getting too old to be competitive with me when it co…
Jackie's ModBettie Pinup Boutique Photo Shoot
I just got an email from one of the owners of ModBettie with these images! We had so much fun at their social event for ModBettie. They completely make you over in pinup apparel, hair and makeup. It was a great experience!
Jackie’s Old Intern Blog Take 1
Some of you may remember back to the summer of 2009 when I was an intern on the Free Beer and Hot Wings show. They called me JMV, or Jackie Man Voice. A name that I really don't mind because it's kind of true. I was goofing around on their website the other day and found a few of my old…
Acts Of Romantic Desperation (VIDEO)
I read on Free Beer And Hot Wings website today about a nerdy kid who held up a sign that said, "Kiss ME I'M DESPERATE" and he actually got lucky from some pretty hot chicks! I asked on air what was the most desperate thing that you have done to hook up with someone?

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