WGRD Pond Hockey Classic Divisions
Gold Division – Team is comprised primarily of experienced adult player 21 years or older. Some players may have high school, competitive Junior, and college and college club playing experience.
Silver Division – Team is comprised primarily of less experienced adult players 21 years…
Free Beer and Hot Wings ALS Ice Bucket Challenge Video
This morning, the Free Beer and Hot Wings crew took their ALS Ice Bucket Challenge!  They'd been called out quite a bit to do it, and they decided to take p the challenge in as fun a way as they could.
So what did they do?
They invited all their past intern victims to come and shower them wi…
Dad Laughs At Kids Slipping On Ice (VIDEO)
This video is making the rounds on facebook, and while it's a frustrating video because the idiot didn't grasp the idea that you need to turn your phone to the side for a proper video, it IS quite funny. This dad just videos all the kids leaving school and laughs while they each slip on a…
Breast Milk Ice Cream!
Get this guys... you'll never believe it but breast milk ice cream is no longer available in England!  I know what an outrage!  Local authorities in London have pulled this unusual ice cream concoction  in response to public complaints over whether the shop should be selling edib…
Snowstorm kicks 100 year record a**
After 7.1 inches of snow and ice it's done.  Record for snowfall shattered a record from the 1800's . Lots of car pile ups and slide-offs, power outages, and tons of schools closed, flight cancellations. Catch up on all the havoc thanks to the GR PRESS HERE: