Pop Evil Fun Tour Stories – FBHW Segment 16
Today on Segment 16, the guys talk with Leigh Kakaty and Hayley Cramer of Pop Evil about their upcoming show at 20 Monroe Live, fun things happening on their tour, celebrity surprises, and more! The band is always great to have on the show, and we love having our local buddies on!
Who is This Random Guy, Grand Rapids?
Yesterday, I was randomly looking through my camera roll and then came across this picture of my co-workers and myself at the Kanye West concert, from September, at the Van Andel Arena. I hadn't posted the picture and it was #ThrowbackThursday so I figured it was only appropriate...
Johnnie Attempts His First Ever Country Music Concert [Video]
Believe it or believe it not, I've never attended a country music concert. Yes, I know I'm from Texas, but still...never done the country music thing. I like metal, rock...pretty much the heavier the better, so I've never actually even tried to go to a country concert. With Garth Brooks in town for …

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