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WGRD AlternaChicks Get Ready for Motley Crue!
I love 80's rock, which means I am super pumped that Motley Crue is going to be taking the stage at Van Andel Arena next Wednesday, August 3rd! I decided in honor of the rock gods I would do a bit of rocking myself... So I got with one of my AlternaChick, gal pals and organized a rock themed photo shoot...
WGRD Alternachicks Have Some Fountain Fun
The girls and I had such a fabulous weekend, first we got to go hang out at the Free Beer and Hot Wings Charity Golf Scramble, mega success, and we had a great time, then we went on down town and worked with WGRD's fave photographer, EarthTones Photography...
WGRD’s Jackie Races 5k for Beer!
WGRD’s Jackie Races 5k for Beer!
This past 4th of July I entered the 2011 Volkslaufe 5k! Yup Volkslaufe, WTF does that mean? Well its German and its in the awesome German town of Frankenmuth. It was a very hot day and I was not looking forward to running through the heat like that, but being one of the most competitive people I know I had to force myself to run through it!
Alternachick Chelsie Visits Hawaii!
Chelsie Lee got an amazing opportunity to travel out to Hawaii!!! Don't worry though, she's going to be back and ready for Wingstock 2011 this Saturday at 5/3 Ball Park!!!  While Chelsie was having a blast surfing and catching rays she found time to get some photos done and send em my way...