What Beer Do You Pair with Halloween Candy? Find Out Here!
Tomorrow is the big favorite holiday of the year...Halloween!  The day everyone admits their love for tons of candy, and we make a special effort to get as much of it as we can!
We even let our kids loose on the neighborhoods, hoping they'll collect enough of the goodies that we'll be able t…
Crispy M&Ms Returning
First there was a Surge. Online petitions, call-ins and more eventually convinced a multi-billion-dollar company like Coca Cola to finally release the green soda to the masses.
It has succeeded on epic levels.
It was only a matter of time until other companies saw this success and jumped on board.
SNL’s Schweddy Balls and Other Snacks Will Soon Be a Real Thing
Always wanted to wrap your mouth around some Schweddy Balls? You're in luck! To celebrate their 40th anniversary, Saturday Night Live has teamed up with candy franchise It'Sugar to bring some of their famous foods to life.
According to, more than 50 snack and novelty…
The Worst Candy Names Of All Time [FBHW]
Free Beer and Hot Wings came across an article from World Wide Interweb that had photos of candy with unbelievably bad names.  A lot of the candy on the list is from overseas, so it is understandable when a word is lost in translation.  However, some of the candy names are just blatantly weird.  Tak…