Heat Wave! – Wayland Tour Log 3/4/14
Last night really escalated quickly. I would love to have watched through the eyes of an outsider as the shenanigans ensued between us and our pals in Bobaflex. When we get together it's like high school kids who's parents have gone on vacation. We can't wait to break every rule we ca…
Rocktagon- Bobaflex VS Megadeth
Tonight Bobaflex takes on the latest from Megadeth! Tune in tonight around 8:30 when the Rocktagon is live on GRD. Vote in the poll below to let us know what you like best!
Rocktagon- Blue October VS Bobaflex
Blue October sweeps last nights Rocktagon. Tonight they face Bobaflex. Listen to both songs then vote for the one you like best! Tune in tonight around 8:30 when the rocktagon is live on GRD!
Rocktagon- Bobaflex VS Three Days Grace
Alright, last night was fun, but let's get back on track with the real rocktagon! If you missed it, last night I had a "battle of the covers" Eve To Adam has a cover of "Schools Out" that took on Bobaflex's version of "The Sound of Silence...
Rocktagon- Bobaflex VS Eve to Adam
Tonight's rocktagon is battle of the covers! I was not the biggest fan of the Bobaflex cover of Sound of Silence. Now I'll give you the music video is sweet, and the chick in it is super hot so I'm sure that helped with your decision last night...
Rocktagon- P.O.D. VS Bobaflex
P.O.D. wins again! Tonight might be a challenge... Brand new from Bobaflex is a cover, of Simon and Garfunkles, The Sound of Silence. If you are like me, and you dig a good cover song, then this may be for you!