Western Michigan University linebacker Kasey Carson, who is from Battle Creek, got a big surprise from a big movie star on Saturday.

Carson received a video message from Sylvester Stallone, telling him he was awarded a full-ride scholarship, The Battle Creek Enquirer reports.  

The video was played on the big screens at Waldo stadium at Saturday's practice. Alec Gores, billionaire and former kicker for WMU, joined in on the message.

Stallone had much praise for Carson, saying,

"The fact that you are a walk-on and you accomplished this is extraordinary. It's really amazing.It's being a fighter, it's taking the blows, getting up and taking it to your opponent when sometimes you are so tired and you don't think you can do it, but you just find that reserve in there that makes you one step better than you ever thought you could be."

He then presented Carson, who'd been All-State running back at Harper Creek High School before walking-on to the Broncos, a full ride scholarship.

Prior to the big announcement, head coach PJ Fleck appeared on the field in full gear. He proposed that if Carson could stop him from making a touchdown, everyone could go home for the day and evening practice would be cancelled.

Carson tackled Fleck and stopped the touchdown.