Last week I sported my Wonder Woman Costume at Helen Devos Children's Hospital here in Grand Rapids. While I was there I had a special request to escort a young girl to one of her treatments because she was nervous. This girls name was Lola. Lola has leukemia and was a very impressive little girl.

In the 15 minutes that I walked/sat with Lola I got to chat with her about whatever she wanted and man was she smart! This kid was cracking me up, she had me guess different animals she would do impressions of, she jumped all over the hallway, cute as can be.

When I got home that evening I was invited to like the "Team Lola" facebook page. I wanted to share the page with everyone else. So many children like Lola are at Helen Devos and they can all use our support. Visit Lola's page HERE.

Lola also has some chickens, she even told me where to park the invisible jet so I could go check on them for her ;)