Gorgeous drone-shot footage captured a coyote dashing across frozen Lake Michigan in Leelanau County at sunset.

MLive reports that 35-year-old Keenan May had originally intended to bring his drone out to film the ice formations on the lake as the sun went down on Feb. 23.

May told AccuWeather, “Sunsets have been far and few lately due to all the cloud cover!”

It was right around sunset when May spotted the coyote running across the ice. At times it appears to be just a small black line moving over the frozen lake. May says he believes the animal was looking for food.

May told Accuweather he was surprised to see the coyote:

"Having spent over 20 years in Leelanau and a lot of my time outdoors, I’ve only seen them a handful of times...It was absolutely the right time, right place.”

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