A little over a month ago, it was confirmed that the building that once was Studio 28 would be demolished.

I went over to the old Wyoming building on 28th Street SW that held many memories for me to check and see how the demolition was coming.

The building now is unrecognizable.

It's kind of eerie to look in the old projection rooms, where I am sure that I had my first kiss with my wife, saw movies like "1408," "Transformers," "Star Wars" and many others I can't even remember.

As I drove past the demolition, I could see some remnants of the old carpeting, railings where people once held onto to make up or down the steps to their seats and the entrance to the restrooms in the concession area towards the back.

Studio 28 is quickly becoming something that most will only remember what it looked like in pictures.

It opened on Christmas Day in 1965, closed in November 2008 and at its peak had 20 theaters. It was the flagship of what is now Celebration! Cinema.

It's funny though, when I ask older people where they used to hang out and such, they would say places I had never heard of.

Only 26 years old, I am quickly becoming that person that remembers where they used to hang out. Although I don't have them, the places that I used to hang out at are quickly disappearing, and I will be able to share the same type of story with my children.

OK, now I freaked myself out.

(Photo: Metalhead Ned)
(Photo: Metalhead Ned)


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