It looks like Stone Temple Pilots will be paying homage to their folk influences in the near future. According to drummer Eric Kretz, the band's new album is done, and it even features a flute solo.

"It's a beautiful record," Kretz told Loudwire Nights last weekend at Louder Than Life festival. "It's different in that — every record we've done has some really hard-hitting songs and we usually open every album with it, whereas this one doesn't have loud, hard-hitting songs. We really tapped into an emotional side of ourselves and took it to do the whole record that way."

While the drummer doesn't want to call the upcoming music an acoustic album, he admits there are a lot of acoustic guitars used on it and even instruments that they've never featured on an album before. "[There's] a wicked flute solo! It's so cool. We kind of tapped into our love of folk music that we grew up on in the '60s and '70s and put some lush electric guitars on top of that sound."

The album, which hasn't been titled yet, is due out sometime next year, and Kretz admits that the tour to support it will be different as well. As for whether the band were looking for a new sound, he said, "It was very organic. Originally, we were gonna do a couple of songs...we just delved in to knock out a whole record back in March."

"It was basically like painting in the studio, this record more so, because it was just so many beautiful layers of colors," he continues. "It's just pure musicianship and beautiful songwriting."

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