Throughout their relatively short-lived career, The Police were best defined as a new-wave band with a punk edge — they weren't exactly hard rock. However, Sting has compared his vocal style to that of a heavy metal singer, but "with a little more melody."

The discussion came about during an interview with Rick Beato and guitarist Dominic Miller.

"I'm not here to belong to a genre or adapt myself to any kind of rules. I just do what I instinctively feel I want to do. I'm lucky to have that opportunity and the privilege to do that. I'm also helped by some fantastic musicians who feel the same way — exploring the whole spectrum of music, and not just saying 'We're in this ghetto here.' We're not. We play everything."

The Police were active from 1977 until about 1986, and they released five studio albums within that timeframe. One of their most popular songs, which Beato pointed out during the interview was "Roxanne," which features Sting singing in a particularly high register throughout it.

"I think registers are interesting. Most heavy metal singers sing up there. So I'm a heavy metal singer, but I have a little more melody," the vocalist said smiling. "It's the same way that, to get above the noise of the band, you need that register. You can't be a baritone with a rock band, really."

He then compared the duties of a vocalist in a loud band to that of a military commander who has to raise his voice above the artillery during combat.

"Singers have the same need," he added.

Check out the full chat in the video below.

Sting Compares Himself to a Heavy Metal Singer 'With a Little More Melody'

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