Since we're all doing the best we can at staying home and staying safe, we need something to occupy our time. I love to cook. I'm not special, I just love to fiddle a bit, try new things, and make meals for myself that are a little bit exciting, delicious and healthy. Here is my Pork Loin Chop dinner!

Begin with a cut at least an inch and a half, maybe two inches thick cut. Pork is so dense that it is very difficult to cook so that it isn't dried out and tough. Sous vide to the rescue. It means "under pressure" or "under vacuum" and basically you're cooking your meat in hot water. I use my sous vide in a pot of water, it brings the temperature up to my desired temp, 135 for me, and holds it there.

How to Make a Sous Vide Pork Loin Chop

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