If you're budget-conscious and have trouble deciding between streaming music or TV and movies, those days are behind you. Spotify has announced that all Premium accounts will now include a free subscription to Hulu.

Prior to this move, the bundle was available at an increased Premium rate of $12.99/month compared to the $9.99/month charge for just the music streaming platform. Now, all Spotify Premium users will pay $9.99/month and have access to Hulu's television and film content.

In the official announcement made on Spotify's blog, the streaming service called attention to the surge in popularity the songs experienced after being featured in episodes of Hulu's content.

Here's a portion of what Spotify offered:

Just take a look at the dystopian drama 'The Handmaid’s Tale.' Fans of the show quickly headed to Spotify to stream the songs woven into many episodes’ pivotal scenes. U.S. streams of Bruce Springsteen’s “Hungry Heart” and the Dusty Springfield classic “I Only Want to Be with You” rose 86 percent and 127 percent, respectively, the week after the songs were played in season 2 episodes last summer. Kate Bush’s “This Woman’s Work” surged a whopping 433 percent after it was featured in episode 1 of the second season.

If you're already a Spotify Premium user, visit the "Your Services" page when logged into your account to add Hulu's services to your experience.

Spotify's statement also mentions that this offer is valid through June 10, 2019 "or while supplies last."

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