Spirit Airlines has banned a passenger for life who was allegedly vaping on a flight earlier this week from Detroit to New Orleans.

CNN reports that a flight attendant on Flight NK 985 on June 4th saw the 30-year-old take a drag from an e-cigarette and exhale into a bag. She reprimanded the man, who then reportedly went in to the plane's bathroom.

While the St. Petersburg, Florida, resident was in the restroom, the plane's smoke alarm went off.

The pilot then had to descend to 35,000 feet to shut off the alarm, Nola.com reports.

According to a report from a deputy who met the plane when it landed, the man said he did not know smoking was not allowed on flights.

He was not arrested, but Spirit Airlines has banned him for life.

Jefferson Parish Sheriff's spokesman Capt. Jason Rivarde told CNN,

"It's a private business that can ban customers at their own leisure. It's like telling you not to come back to the restaurant. Once he was on the ground, he was cooperative with our deputies so he didn't face any criminal charges."

Apparently vaping wasn't his only issue, another passenger reported that he was drinking from alcohol bottles he brought on the plane, which is also prohibited.

According to CNN, Spirit Airlines has yet to comment.

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