SpaceX has been to space, and is the first commercial company to have a spacecraft dock with the International Space Station, which is pretty cool. But they have their sights set higher, and want to send people to Mars. The next step toward that from their unmanned Dragon ship, is the seven-person Crew Dragon, which is scheduled for launch in 2017.

They've been working with the NASA Commecial Crew program, and have decided to make the ship look cool, instead of just functional, like NASA's always did.

Check out the video above, where you can see what the interior looks like for the seven crew members who will be flying into space. It looks like something you'd see in a movie, instead of what we've gotten used to from our government space program.

Oddly, it doesn't look like the astronauts will actually fly the new ship, it looks more like they'll watch it on TVs inside the cabin, just like we will. The ship is supposed to be fully autonomous, so the stupid humans can't screw up the process. Remember when a Mars landing had been screwed because an engineer had calculated a landing in meters, but another engineer had programmed it in feet?

I think letting private companies take over the space program is WAY overdue. When the government decided not to go to the moon anymore, and sort of stopped doing all the cool stuff we used to, they should have let everyone else have a crack at it. We'd probably be living on Mars by now, if they had.

Anyway, in the next couple years, we will have more people going into space, and hopefully more often! Let's get Mars colonized! And we can bring Matt Damon back with us.