Always wanted to wrap your mouth around some Schweddy Balls? You're in luck! To celebrate their 40th anniversary, Saturday Night Live has teamed up with candy franchise It'Sugar to bring some of their famous foods to life.

According to, more than 50 snack and novelty items will be available starting September 13th at more than 60 it'Sugar locations and online.

Schweddy Balls were made famous in this classic SNL "NPR's Delicous Dish" sketch. Molly Shannon and Ana Gasteyer play radio hosts salivating over Pete's Schweddy Balls. Pete being the owner of a bakery, played by Alec Baldwin.

So many good lines!

"Tell us about your balls, Pete."

"We have balls for every taste."

And just: "Mmmmmm... balls."

So what do Schweddy Balls taste like? It'Sugar's version will be salty peanut butter malt balls.

As for other SNL products coming to life, there's Super Bass-O-Matic fish gummies, the Drunk Uncle "Bocolate Char", and Colon Blow Cereal. [Laughspin]