Janna got married!

On September 9, Janna and Charlie tied the knot in GORGEOUS Traverse City- check out photos and highlights from their wedding video here!

Having grown up along Lake Michigan, I knew it needed to be a part of our day! My family vacationed in Traverse City as a kid and I have such good memories there. Once we visited the venue (Visions at CenterPointe, for anyone who's wondering :) ) and saw the stunning views, we knew it was the right place!

It was incredible to be surrounded by all our favorite people on this amazing day. It was so special to have my older brother officiate, my younger brother in the wedding, and my Mom walk me down the aisle - and I know my Dad was there with us, with his arms around us.

I will never forget Charlie's vows (which, we both happened to finish writing our vows THAT morning. Hey, so much goes into planning a wedding, you run out of time... and also, writing vows is like, hard.) Yes, there were lots of tears... BUT also lots of dancing, laughing, telling stories, and cocktails too! Which pretty much sums up my life in general - haha!

Hope you enjoy taking a look inside our day-- and THANK YOU for all the kind words and congratulations!


Photos by Elizabeth Kadwell Photography
Videography Saiko Jawo-Smalla

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