Slipknot’s concert in Phoenix, Arizona, last night (Nov. 2) was paused for roughly 30 minutes so a large fire in the crowd could be extinguished. The bonfire at the back of the crowd, which was lit on the lawn of the outdoor amphitheater, seemed to shoot up to 30 feet in the air.

The crowd actually sang “Happy Birthday” to guitarist Mick Thomson just minutes before the fire began. A user on reports the fire started as Slipknot performed “All Out Life” near the end of their set. The delay to put the fire out apparently forced Slipknot to cut “Duality” and “Spit It Out” from their set.

A number of fans caught the fire with their cameraphones. Footage uploaded to Twitter and YouTube shows fans setting a huge pile of lawn chairs on fire while others threw their own chairs into the already towering blaze. Still, it didn’t stop fans from rocking out to “All Out Life.” Check out the wild footage and photos below.

As of this posting, no injuries have been reported. Slipknot have not commented on the blaze. The Phoenix venue posted a photo recap of the gig, but did not comment on the fire.

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