If you are smart and don't care to sleep in your car, you'll rent a room while you are staying at Rock on the Range, and that is exactly what I did.

Staying at a certain motel here in Columbus is quite the treat.

By the way, I am saying that sarcastically.

I have stayed in a lot of motels before, but this one has to be the lowest of the lows. I don't really know why I cheap out so much, but saving money is always a good thing. Here are a few things that have nerved me a bit in this room

  • No crappy coffee maker in the room
  • 2 towels?!?! That's it?
  • Can't get extra pillows until after 12pm
  • 1 soap bar (same situation as pillow)
  • TV power button is broken
  • Bed comforter smells funny
  • They charge for Wi-Fi?! Really? Who does that anymore?!

In the end, I'm happy I have a place to sleep, but man...I gotta rethink this cheap plan.

Metalhead Ned/WGRD