We all have to start somewhere, and for most is the music of the day that often inspires someone to delve head first into music. That was certainly the case with Slash, as he recalled the early influence that Aerosmith had on his playing with 90.3 WMSC in Montclair, New Jersey.

The guitarist recalled, "There's an Aerosmith song called 'Nobody's Fault' off the Rocks record… It was one of the songs that when I first picked up the guitar, that was the record, that particular album, the timing of me hearing that record at the time when I heard it had a lot to do with how I ended up where I am."

He continued, "[That song] was probably one of the most heavy hard rock songs — very indicative of the '70s and very indicative of Aerosmith at this certain time. And it wasn't Black Sabbath heavy, it wasn't 'heavy metal, heavy metal,' but it was still this really hardcore hard rock song. And so I always loved it."

Aerosmith, "Nobody's Fault"

Speaking with Full Metal Jackie in 2014, Slash laughed upon now having a relationship with the members of Aerosmith and getting a chance to tour with them. "To think that these are the guys that I listened to when I was 14 that basically [created] the record that kept me from getting laid [laughs]. So yeah, it’s a little surreal."

While Aerosmith was definitely influential in Slash's playing, during a 2019 interview the guitar great couldn't narrow down his favorite all-time album to just one. So he chose four Rolling Stones albums instead, listing off Sticky Fingers, Let It Bleed, Beggars Banquet and Exile on Main St.

Slash Speaks With 90.3 WMSC

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