We've waited all year for more new songs from Guns N' Roses, and still have no idea when they're going to come out yet. But now, the rockers apparently have their eyes set on a timeframe to actually begin working on a new album, as confirmed by Slash in a new interview.

We get it. You're probably rolling your eyes because we've been hearing that Guns would be releasing new songs "soon" since the beginning of 2022. But now that they have their eyes on the end of next summer to work on new material, it seems like the wheels are really in motion.

"I want to go in and cut a whole, brand new record at some point, probably sooner than later. But other than that, we have stuff that we've still got to come out. So that's gonna be coming out piecemeal over the next, I don't know, over the next few months or something like that. So that's basically it. We have one more tour left to do next summer, and then that'll free us up to be able to go in and work on a new record," Slash assured during a conversation on Trunk Nation With Eddie Trunk. 

Yes — the "stuff" that they haven't put out yet are also outtakes from the Chinese Democracy era, just like "Absurd" and "Hard Skool" were. However, they've been reworked to feature the current members of the band, including Slash and Duff McKagan.

"There's a handful of those songs that we actually fixed up and did when we were in lockdown, so those have yet to be released. So those are gonna come out, they're really good too. I'm excited for those," the guitarist continued, adding that one or two will come out over the next few months, and then another one or two after that. And although they're also songs that were written before Slash and McKagan rejoined the band, the rocker hinted that they may not be as old as "Hard Skool" was.

"These other ones, they don't have the same kind of amount of history, because I know 'Hard Skool' goes way back. But there's a couple of epic ones coming out, so I'm excited about that."

Listen to the audio clip below.

Slash discussed Guns' plans during a lot of interviews he did earlier this year, which was around the time his fourth album with Myles Kennedy and the Conspirators came out. But recently, GN'R sound-checked an unreleased track called "Oklahoma" prior to one of their South American performances, which could indicate that that may be one of the songs that gets released.

Regardless, it'll happen — all we need is just a little patience.

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