Recent reunion talks between Skid Row and former singer Sebastian Bach didn't pan out, but Bach still sees a glimmer of possibility for the two sides to come together.

Bach touched on the subject during a recent visit to KTLA Los Angeles, responding to the question of a future reunion during an interview on the channel's morning news show by insisting that the possibility exists as long as he and his former bandmates are all still alive. It sounds like a flip answer, but Bach had more to add — he just wasn't sure whether he should.

"That's a rough subject for me, 'cause we're trying to put it together, so I don't wanna say the wrong thing," Bach continued, adding that a reunion could still be "on the horizon."

You can check out a clip from the interview segment above.

As previously reported, a reunion between Bach and the rest of Skid Row was rumored late last year, but talks eventually broke down. Guitarist Dave "Snake" Sabo addressed those aborted efforts in a recent interview, suggesting that while the "romantic notion" of a reunion held some appeal, the same personality conflicts that drove Bach from the lineup in 1996 were still an issue 20 years later.

"No one was making more than anybody else," said Sabo. "It was more about control, I think – other people having a desire to have more control over this thing than we were willing to give. And it was not about anything other than ‘this is our band.’"

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