These few areas of occult knowledge more cryptic and intriguing than sigils. They are used in ritual magick and are meant to be a projection of whatever the creator wants for an outcome.

An online tool called the Sigil Engine will take your hopes and turn them into an actionable symbol.

Vice recently reported on the Sigil Engine. Here's the process of making sigils on your own:

The sigil creation process usually goes like this: write down whatever you want to achieve, remove any vowels and repeating letters, and then position the remaining letters into a pleasing arrangement. Finally, you've got to "charge" your creation. Methods for this vary, but you could meditate, sing at, or, most commonly, masturbate to your symbol, before finally destroying or forgetting all about it and awaiting the results.

The Sigil Engine distills that down by having you 'type your intention.' The engine removes the non-needed letters, rearranges them as needed and crafts your sigil.

The Sigil Engine gives the following advice for charging your sigil:

One common trend online lately, from #WitchesOfInstagram to WitchTok and everything in between, is that for a sigil to work on has to simply state the intent, reduce it to letters, and then draw the sigil either by combining the letters into shapes or, like here at Sigile Engine, by using magical squares of various kind.

Some insist that you also have to “look at them with intention”.
Unfortunately, charging a sigil requires much more than that.
To keep it as simple as possible, suffice it to say that it requires the sigil caster to fix the entirety of their Will in a single point of consciousness that is then imbued into the sigil itself.

The Sigil Engine is an example of, and bills itself as, technomancy, or using technology for the creation of magic. So go ahead and combine the most ancient of magick practices with the most modern of websites.

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