Short’s Brewing Company in Elk Rapids, Michigan has announced plans to package beer and Starcut Ciders in cans.

Short's says the initial can rollout will include beers from their flagship lineup as well as a selection from their hard cider brand, Starcut Ciders.

The canning machine will be installed this month with cans available in April. The machine will be able to fill 42 cans per minute at top speed.

Short’s Quality Manager Tyler Glaze said, “Cans are an excellent opportunity to get our beer into new places that glass cannot go.”

The four beers available in cans will be Huma Lupa Licious (India Pale Ale), Soft Parade (Fruit Rye Ale), Local’s Light (American Lager), and Space Rock (American Pale Ale). Octorock, a semi-sweet hard cider, will also be canned.

Courtesy of Short's Brewing Company
Courtesy of Short's Brewing Company

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