Shinedown's 2018 album Attention Attention has spawned many No. 1 singles for the band. Though it was intended to tell a story in the fashion of a concept album, the singles weren't released in the order they appear on the album intentionally. Frontman Brent Smith recently spoke with Loudwire Nights about the upcoming full-length film based on the album.

"Devil" was the first single released from the album, followed by "Get Up," "Monsters" and "Attention Attention." Those are tracks No. 2, 11, 7 and 4, respectively. Smith explains that this tactic was employed in order to go with the music videos. "We realized the album sonically, and what the story was, and we're also going to realize the album visually," he teases.

"I can't give specific dates, but the bulk of the film — which is Attention Attention, which is a full-length feature — we're gonna have it ready in March," the singer confirms. "There was a reasoning behind how these singles were released. There's a lot of bands that make videos and things like that... but the second act to this story and this project is getting ready to be presented to the world."

In addition to working on the film, Shinedown are also heading out on the road for their Deep Dive tour in April, which will mainly feature deep cuts and b-sides from their discography.

To hear more about the upcoming film, tour and other projects the rockers are working on, listen to the interview above.

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