Sharon Osbourne on Wednesday (Dec. 1) blasted a tabloid that was seemingly planning to run an unflattering story about Kelly Osbourne, her 37-year-old daughter with metal icon Ozzy Osbourne who once starred alongside the family on TV's The Osbournes.

On Tuesday (Nov. 30), according to E! News, Kelly shared a screenshot on her Instagram Story of what appeared to be an email from a reporter for the National Enquirer. The unconfirmed message asked her for comment on an apparent upcoming article that inconsiderately claimed she had recently "put on a tremendous amount" of weight.

"This is what I have to deal with on a daily basis," Kelly said in the caption of her post. She also called out National Enquirer editor-in-chief Dan Dolan, who was reportedly mentioned in the email, per Page Six.

In a separate post on her Instagram Story, Kelly explained, "This has been the hardest year of my life. I was compliantly and utterly broken. I am still putting myself back together again. I am happy. I am healthy. That's all that should matter."

Earlier this year, Kelly admitted to a lapse in her sobriety but confirmed that she was "back on track" in April. Addiction is an issue that has troubled members of the Osbourne family in the past; Kelly's brother, Jack Osbourne, celebrated his 18th year of sobriety in 2021.

"I relapsed," Kelly said in an April 19 Instagram Story. "I just want to let you know that I am sober today and I will be sober tomorrow. But I've learned it truly is one day at a time, and I just wanted to tell you guys the truth because I never, ever want to lie to you."

In Sharon's clap-back at the Enquirer, she referenced paparazzi pics taken of her and her daughter.

"Kelly has had a particularly bad year," the Osbourne matriarch remarked on Twitter. "She has taken a step back from the public eye to work on herself. She is doing amazingly well and our family is very proud."

She added, "If you can't give her the dignity of taking a walk with me on a Sunday morning in our neighborhood without humiliating her and belittling her by commenting on the way she looks, all I can say is SHAME ON YOU."

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