The Covid-19 pandemic has put a crimp in many a plan this year, including for the members of Shadows Fall who had been discussing possibly playing some shows before everything touring-wise came to a standstill.

Singer Brian Fair told the Thunder Underground podcast (as heard in the player below), "We've been trying to figure out a way to play some shows and work it out. Schedule-wise, it's been pretty tough, just with Anthrax, Overkill and Matt's been busy, on and off, with Act of Defiance and his own studio, and things like that. Me and Paul [Romanko] are working — well, were working — full-time. Now it's real hard."

After going on hiatus in 2014, the band played a few reunion shows in 2015. However, Jon Donais is now a member of Anthrax, Matt Bachand has joined Act of Defiance and Jason Bittner drums with Overkill. Still, the group's members were attempting to find some time to get together for more shows.

"We had some framework rolling to try and get some things kind of to the next level of really moving forward, and now it's all just at a standstill," continued Fair. "But we really do wanna play some shows. We really stopped playing just because logistically, it was getting harder between guys playing in other bands, and then also just financially, if we wanted to survive, we were gonna have to tour 10 months out of the year, like we always did, and we just weren't at that point right then. I was having a kid, then had a second kid, Paul had a kid. So it just became too tough. But as far as playing together, we never broke up because we didn't wanna do it; it just didn't make sense at the time."

Shadows Fall released seven albums between 1997 and 2012, with the last being 2012's Fire From the Sky. During that time, they were twice nominated for Grammy Awards.

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