Sevendust will be performing their "Animosity" album in its entirety when they come to the GLC Live @ 20 Monroe.

I am very excited about the return of Sevendust to Grand Rapids. Sevendust is celebrating the 21st anniversary of their third studio album "Animosity." This was one of my favorite albums from their catalog.

Tickets for Sevendust will go on sale this Friday at 10 am. As always we have ticket links for you on the GRD app.

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Anyone who has seen Sevendust perform live knows they are in for a treat. All the members of the band are moving around non-stop. The show is filled with energy and they always deliver a top-notch performance. I have seen Sevendust probably more than any other band and in close to dozen shows, I have never seen a bad one.

Sevendust received gold status on their first three albums and ironically those are my favorite three from their catalog. Animosity produced five different singles that include Praise, Live Again, Angels Son, Crucified, and Xmas Day. Xmas Day actually features Sevendust guitarist Clint Lowery on vocals.

There were a lot of good riffs and melodies on the Animosity album. Live Again was a song that had a little bit of everything that Sevendust has to offer.

There was one song on Animosity that paid tribute to the late Lynn Strait who was the singer of the band Snot. When Snot came out they just blew people's minds. Snot was a band that other bands immediately respected like Sevendust, Korn, System of a Down, Corey Taylor and so many more. Angels Son was a big song for Sevendust and their whole purpose was to pay tribute to a friend they had lost. They even performed the song on the Late Show With David Letterman.

Check out this video compilation that is set to their track Crucified. It will give you an idea for those who have not experienced Sevendust live yet what to expect when they come to the GLC Live @ 20 Monore on Friday, April 29th.

I can guarantee Sevendust will bring it to the GLC Live @ 20 Monroe Live. If you are a Sevendust fan I know you will be there but if have never given this band a chance you will be surprised at how many other bands you already like we're influenced by this group of guys from Atlanta, Georgia.

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