Time has not altered the opinion of Senses Fail leader Buddy Nielsen when it comes to Attila. One poster on the band's Twitter account reignited an old beef between the two bands, with the singer not holding back on his opinions concerning Attila and defending what he's said in the past.

A poster using the moniker YVNG-WHITECLAW went on the band's Twitter account and posted, While everyone at home is stoked on watching senses fail, I’ll gladly remind you that their frontman unsolicitedly decided to call some of my closest friends rapists and rape culture enthusiasts in front of an entire warped crowd. Fuck them forever."

The singer responded back, "I have a daughter and if she ever looks this up I want her to be proud that her Dad called out a trash band and trash people like Attila. Thanks for helping me remember. I forgot about how gross your bois are."

The conversation continued, with YVNG-WHITECLAW stating, "Instead they’d rather place false claims in an attempt to be the white knight of the scene."

Nielsen then set the record straight in a follow-up tweet. "We never accused them of rape. We accused them of being morons and using the word faggot. Stop spreading bullshit. Also this was like so long ago. Is Atilla even a band anymore," asked the singer.

The beef between Nielsen and Attila vocalist Chris Fronzak dates back to the 2014 Vans Warped Tour in which Nielsen took offense at homophobic slurs that Fronzak used during the band's performances. A Twitter war ensued, but things eventually simmered down until last year when Fronzak issued a diss track called "Callout 2" which named Nielsen by name among other targets.

Shortly after releasing the song, Fronzak issued a post explaining all his disses in the track, speaking specifically about Nielsen stating, “This dude literally dedicated his entire set every day on Warped 2014 to talk shit about Atilla. As if that wasn’t fulfilling enough he would talk shit on us on twitter 5 minutes after getting off stage. Dude is a whiny bitch."

During the AP podcast, Nielsen called Fronzak a bully who "deserves to have his ass kicked." The Senses Fail singer also stated that he felt alone in his battle with Fronzak, adding, “There was a lot of ‘shut up, shut the fuck up, play your songs and be glad you’re here. You got everything you wanted.’ ... Nobody had my back with that Atilla dude. That dude is one of the dudes who needs to get punched in the face. I’m not a violent person. But if you are a person who is queer and you get called ‘faggot,’ you have every fuckin’ right to knock that person in the face. I am standing in your fuckin’ space and taking it. I do not like a nonviolent, passive queer movement. Peace and love doesn’t always get you a place of respect at the table."

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