A few weeks ago, Scott Weiland received a TON of criticism for an absolutely terrible performance of 'Vaseline'. Admittedly, some of it came from me. It was bad, and a lot of people accused him of being back on heroin. (I didn't, I thought being on drugs might have helped him.)

Weiland could have CRUSHED at Rock on the Range to show that his 'monitor problems and tiredness' excuse had any merit. Unfortunately, he sounds pretty much the same. Check out the video, especially when he gets into 'Vaseline'.

I will reiterate my point from the last article, and suggest that Mr. Weiland go see a doctor and check to make sure he hasn't had a stroke! His slurring of words, unfocused stare, history of drug use...it's entirely possible that he could have had a stroke sometime.

Scott, make everyone feel like total s***, and announce it if you've had a stroke, and carried on with the tour so you wouldn't let down your fans! People would suddenly feel good things about you, and you'd be cool again.

Then, please, go get therapy and get better.