Unlike the characters in the movies, the Saw franchise cannot be killed.

About a year and a half since the release of the last movie, Lionsgate just announced that they are now developing a new SawThis will be the tenth film in the overall saga.

The press release about the news did not reveal anything about the premise, only saying that “fans can be assured that the new film will capture their hearts – and other body parts – with all-new twisted, ingenious traps and a new mystery to solve.” The new film will be directed by Kevin Greutert, who was the franchise’s longtime editor, before graduating to the director’s chair for the very good Saw VI — which we picked as the best movie in the whole franchise — and the not great Saw: The Final Chapter, which is now three movies ago. Whoops!

Since then, we’ve gotten Jigsaw, a sort-of soft reboot of the concept (although still set in the same continuity as the previous films) and Spiral: From the Book of Saw, which added a Seven-esque dark cop story into the typical formula of slasher and torture horror elements.

Here was Saw producers Mark Burg and Oren Koules comment on the news:

We have been listening to what the fans have been asking for and are hard at work planning a movie that Saw aficionados and horror fans alike will love. And part of that is giving the reins to Kevin Greutert, director of Saw VI, which is still one of the fans’ favorites in the entire series. More details will be revealed soon.

The nine previous Saw movies have grossed a total of $1 billion worldwide. Hence a tenth movie coming to theaters, officially now, on October 27, 2023.

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