It's been a few years since we've heard anything new from rock supergroup Saint Asonia, but their sophomore effort Flawed Design will be out sometime this fall. The name holds several meanings for frontman Adam Gontier, who spoke about the upcoming album with Loudwire Nights. Social media and the strive for perfection affect everyone's ability to embrace their flaws — which is something the vocalist thinks we need to do.

The song "Flawed Design" is actually where the album name came from. "I think on this record, I did a lot of online stuff, like Instagram and all these social media platforms and stuff," Gontier explained. "It seems like a lot of people try to be maybe something that they're not and I get the impression that society wants to be perfect and tries to be perfect for the most part, anyway.

"I wrote a song on the record called 'Flawed Design' and it's basically looking at that, and it was just exploring how everybody obviously has flaws. I think to embrace those flaws — enjoy them, embrace them — and actually be a real person is something that a lot of people struggle with, myself included."

In addition to celebrating individuality and recognizing that everyone has imperfections, Gontier's musical perspective was shifted by the birth of his son and his recovery in a rehabilitation center. "So a lot of songs are about personal issues and dealing with that sort of stuff, just dealing with life issues really," the singer adds. "This time around, becoming a father was a big piece for me. That's definitely portrayed on this record for sure."

Listen to the interview above for more details surrounding Flawed Design, and stay tuned for more news regarding its release.

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