Alter Bridge keep on racking up the victories in the Rocktagon, claiming their ninth win over Seether. They now face a new challenger in Motion City Soundtrack.

Alter Bridge are gearing up to release Fortress, their fourth studio album, on October 8. The band wants to keep fans guessing when they listen to the new material.

“We were pushing for unpredictability," guitarist Mark Tremonti tells MusicRadar. "The last thing we wanted was verse-chorus-verse-chorus and all that. Songs should have you never knowing what you're getting next. We messed with time signatures, tones, key changes – everything we could throw at these songs, we did.”

Motion City Soundtrack premiered their new single, "Inside Out," this week. While the pop-punk veterans haven't officially announced a new album, they wanted to treat fans with a new song as quickly as possible. Expect MCS to play new music when they co-headline The Intersection with Bayside on October 17.

“‘Inside Out’ is how we’re feeling these days,” frontman Justine Pierre tells Rolling Stone. “We have all this creative energy clawing to get out and a sudden overabundance of material. We’ve upped the tempos from our last endeavor a bit and are focusing on having fun and making rock. This song came together incredibly fast, from inception to completion, and we couldn’t wait to put it on an album. So here it is.”

Listen to both songs below and vote for who you want to win.

Watch Alter Bridge's "Addicted To Pain"

Watch Motion City Soundtrack's "Inside Out"

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