Death is something that none of us are immune to — not even our favorite musicians.

It's never easy having to say goodbye to someone you look up to, who's inspired you or even helped you through your toughest times. But, we can focus on the silver lining of the loss, which is the contribution these people have made to our lives through their art. The words may sound darker, the guitar melodies more sullen, but their legacies live on through their fans.

2020 has been an exceptionally tough one, starting with the passing of Rush drummer Neil Peart. Ray Burton, the man who brought Metallica bassist Cliff Burton into the world, also left us. Covid-19 claimed the life of Fountains of Wayne's Adam Schlesinger, and several others, as well.

Scroll through the gallery below, not to mourn who we've lost, but to celebrate who we've been graced with. Rest in peace.

Rockers We've Lost in 2020

Rockers We've Lost in 2020

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