Over the past 10 years or so, Brazil-based rock vocalist/instrumentalist Violet Orlandi has become one of the biggest rock/metal YouTubers and she's now getting ready to release her debut album, High Priest Daughter. The record drops tomorrow (May 28), but we're giving you an early listen here via the premiere stream below.

Orlandi currently has over 900,000 subscribers, and it’s not difficult to see and hear why given the top-notch quality of both her video production and musical renditions (many of which are collaborations with other notable platform creators).

The 26-year-old singer/songwriter/guitarist combines elements of some of the most distinguished artists she’s covered – such as Nine Inch Nails, Evanescence, Disturbed, Linkin Park, A Perfect Circle and even Lana Del Rey. With the atmospheric poignancy of Anathema and The Gathering, she ensures that her whole LP is full of emotional significance, dynamic instrumentation and engrossingly empowered yet vulnerable singing.

Orlandi states that High Priest Daughter captures “an intimate look at the most difficult times in [her] life,” adding:

"It feels very surreal to finally have the album out, as most of the songs in here were never intended to be anything other than a personal exercise to help me cope with grief. I started writing these songs during my mom’s final days and finished the album a couple of months after she had passed. Surprisingly, the songs don’t sound as depressing as you would imagine, even though each track is pretty much a blurry polaroid of each stage that I went through trying to cope with death, grief, depression and finally getting a taste of life’s horrors."

While the entire collection flows smoothly and maintains certain attributes, every track offers something special, too. Be it the luscious intensity of opener “Blooming,” the soaring guitar work and angelic harmonies of “The Worm,” the electronic beats of “Forcefeed,” or the lovely piano riffs and acoustic strums that lead “Hypnotized,” Orlandi repeatedly demonstrates that she’s just as capable at crafting her own material as she is putting her characteristic spin on the songs of others.

Check out High Priest Daughter in full below and let us know what you think! Of course, you can also preorder it at several retailers by clicking here.

Violet Orlandi, High Priest Daughter Album Art

The album art for Violet Orlandi's 'High Priest Daughter'
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