Day one of Rock on the Range in Columbus, OH was evacuated today when a severe thunderstorm warning took effect for the Columbus area.

Attendees were asked to leave the stadium and ride out the storm in their cars, but if people didn't have vehicles, they took shelter in the Lausche Building near the stadium's parking lot.

Organizers released an update, saying that their "on-site meteorologist has determined that the severe threat should expire by 7 or 7:30 p.m. (subject to change). Once we receive the all-clear, we will reopen doors and resume the show," they said.

The headlining slot tonight was originally scheduled to be filled by Soundgarden, but after the sad passing of Chris Cornell, rumor has it that a tribute performance will take place instead. Members of Stone Sour are rumored to be performing in this tribute band tonight, if the weather clears, and people are allowed back into the stadium.

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