Rock on the Range may be 3 of the most exciting days of your life, but man, it sure comes at a price to your health.

Energy drinks will bog you down.

When you attend the festival, you will see vendors trying to get all of their stuff sold, given out, or advertised.

Playstation, food, and especially Monster Energy Drink.

I drank a total of 4 of those things over the weekend, and I have not had an energy drink in months. So I basically put my foot on the gas and drank up.

I can't imagine drinking heavily during the festival.

On top of that, the sun was most brutal during the 3rd day and there was just no defense from it. Also, you're a d-bag if you leave your crap in a seat and expect to have it be there when you get back.

Anyway, I am tired and want to get to bed.