On April 27, 2023, legendary and controversial talk show host and one-time mayor of Cincinnati, Ohio died at age 79. Here, we remember the outrageous moments featuring rock and metal stars on the hit TV show Jerry Springer.

The Jerry Springer Show pioneered the shitshow genre, drumming up trashy drama for the sake of schadenfreude viewing. As Springer skyrocketed in popularity during the ‘90s, plenty of bands went on the show for publicity, creating unforgettable moments in the name of rock and metal.

When you’re outclassed by a gang of murderous aliens bent on eliminating the human race, you may want to check your moral compass. GWAR famously guested on Springer to talk about “shock rock,” defending their freedom of expression to a gaggle of outraged parents. A young fan even took the stage, stealing the show as he explained the importance of self expression, even when your art is deemed as offensive by some.

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Type O Negative legend Peter Steele went on Springer to talk about his appearance in Playgirl and various encounters with female fans. Though Steele was someone tight-lipped on the more sordid details of his backstage hookups, the doom metal icon told the story of a woman showing up nude to his mother’s home on Christmas Eve and his mom’s hilarious response once she opened the front door.

We also included some lesser-known musicians in this list, like Skitzo’s Lance Ozanix, who touted his penchant for vomiting on people, and the ladies from Maypole, who confronted each other on Springer to sort out their inter-band love triangle.

Check out these 10 Bizarre Rock + Metal 'Jerry Springer' Moments in the Loud List below.

10 Bizarre Rock + Metal 'Jerry Springer' Moments

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