When the COVID-19 virus shut basically the entire world down in March of 2020, concerts and festivals were canceled left and right. As the weeks rolled by and the quarantine got extended more and more, the future of live music was completely up in the air.

In the meantime, a lot of artists started streaming performances — whether they were live or had been pre-recorded at another time — as a means to keep fans satiated and stay connected.

After months of livestreams, all music fans wanted was to be able to see their favorite bands play in person again. Drive-in concerts became a thing, but they weren't the same. Nothing was.

In late 2020 and even early 2021, the cancelations and postponements ensued, and it seemed as if there would never be an end to this black hole we were living in. However, as the vaccines began to roll out, suddenly places started lifting their social distancing restrictions, and boom — concerts are now a thing again.

It was pretty weird writing about tour announcements as opposed to cancelations or postponements, but it was a very good type of weird. Life as we know it is starting to come back, at least sort of, and there are a ton of rock and metal bands going on tour this year — such as Slipknot, Guns N' Roses, Korn, Foo Fighters, Gojira, Halestorm, Evanescence and plenty more.

So once again, we've compiled a list of such artists so that fans can have quick and easy access to seeing if their favorite bands are playing, all in one place. We're going to update it regularly as more tours are announced. Links to the full tour itineraries and ticket locations are provided underneath each image.

Scroll through the gallery to see the rock and metal bands that are touring in 2021.

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