As Rob Zombie's Munsters film approaches, the singer-turned-director continues to offer great insight into the making of the big screen update, and one of his latest postings shows off the makeup work and detailed look for actor Jeff Daniel Phillips, who plays Herman Munster for the film.

In an Instagram post with a series of slides, Zombie teases, "Many of you have been commenting on Herman’s excellent makeup and asking how can I do this for my next cosplay? Well, here are the true Hollywood secrets! Now you can be a real deal Herman!"

And while the slides offer a detailed rundown of creating a cosplay Herman, the final slide showcases the best photo yet of what the popular Herman Munster character will look like in the film.

For those of you looking to make your own cosplay or Halloween costume, there's that as well. Zombie offers that what will be needed to make your own "Herman" look is the following:

- 1 brown paper bag that fits snugly over your head
- Scissors
- Roll of masking tape
- Cotton batting
- Paper towels
- Cardboard
- White glue like Elmer's
- Inexpensive paint brushes
- Black crepe hair or yarn
- 2 small "L"-shaped metal brackets
- Your choice of painted scars
- Crayon or marking pencil
- Green or gay non-toxic washable poster (tempera) paint

What follows are artistic renderings of the steps to create the look, before the final reveal of the modern Herman Munster from the upcoming film. Zombie has previously offered a glimpse of Phillips in character as Herman in a photo still with Daniel Roebuck's Grandpa Munster and Sheri Moon Zombie's Lily Munster.

Commenting on the post, Phillips, who plays Herman Munster in the movie, stated, "Man oh man I spent days up to my elbows in paper mache trying to recreate this headpiece as a kid-luckily we had an amazingly talented fx team making the magic on this film."

Zombie has been showing more and more behind the scenes footage over the past week, including a short video of the makeup team tending to Lily and Herman Munster between takes.

The director also posted a photo posing with Lost star Jorge Garcia who plays the hunchback assistant Floop in the film. Garcia wrapped his filming, with Zombie stating, "The best hunchback assistant since Marty Feldman’s Igor."

The film appears to be winding down production, but is reportedly still on target for a fall release. It was recently revealed by Butch Patrick, who played Eddie Munster in the original '60s series, that the Zombie version of The Munsters was nearly three hours long. Back in March, the Motion Picture Association granted a "PG" rating for the film.

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