Rival Sons are set to unleash a new album this year. The album will be called 'Great Western Valkyrie' and will arrive on June 10 via Earache Records.

The California rockers frontman Jay Buchanan says this album finds the band really honing in on their sound. He explains, "[We made] a conscious decision for this band to just be what it is." And what that band is is a group known for their spontaneity and recording albums in the moment.

Guitarist Scott Holiday says, "Opting to keep the sound intact and very accurate as to deliver to the listener exactly what was happening in the room when we put it down [is what we're about]. We also felt a big desire to make a few left turns musically on this record -- which we did. You will get the rock 'n' roll, but on several tracks you get something much more hybrid."

Drummer Michael Miley adds, "We're pushing the envelope of modern music; forcing it to stay awake and active through instinctive and honest music delivered with a blistering live performance."

'Great Western Valkyrie' will also mark a change for the band. In the time between albums, original bassist Robin Everhart left the group, but longtime friend Dave Beste (Maroon 5, Rocco Deluca) joined Rival Sons before they returned to the studio. Beste was on hand with the band when they laid down the new album with producer Dave Cobb in Nashville back in January.

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