It's here, Grand Rapids Restaurant Week! We have a plethora of brewery's and restaurants around our fine city and now is the time to check them all out! There are 60 plus restaurants that participate in restaurant week around Grand Rapids and the fun doesn't end til August 24th. As part of the festivities all the restaurants participating offer 3-course menus for 25 bucks or 2-for-25 dollars!

I began my restaurant week experience by checking out Brewery Vivant! First off, it's in an old church which makes it extra special cool. If you haven't ever been there it's over in East Town. If craft beer is your thing I promise you'll enjoy all the different types of beer they have to offer in this Belgium inspired pub.
I have a thing for stain glass windows so the old church, stained glass makes the whole room look very unique! Not to mention the tables made me feel like I was at Hogwarts from Harry Potter and that is extra special awesome!
I enjoyed the Maple Amber Ale while chatting with friends and munching on some DELICIOUS pretzels and beer cheese. My dinner did not disappoint. On a recommendation from a friend I had the burger, and it was delicious! It came with a bacon marmalade that in most instances I wouldn't touch with a ten foot pole, but I tried it and am so glad I did!
If you are heading out for Restaurant Week and looking to try something new, or unique I say head in to Brewery Vivant get a buzz on and try the burger!


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