Watching Nickelodeon when I got home as a kid was always a treat. Watching Nick-Toons with Stick Stickly and such. How much more nostalgic could you get? There were also kid's game shows like Legends of the Hidden Temple and Wild N' Crazy Kids.

There was one game that was really aimed at me, why? Video games of course!

It was a game called 'Nick Arcade.' Kids would be contestants on the show and have to do video challenges. The video challenges would basically be the kids playing video games like Sonic the Hedgehog, Final Fight, Super Mario Bros, etc. After the kids would win or lose the video challenge, they would have to move Mikey, which I always thought was cool because my name is Mike and all...

Eventually the winners of the game would have the chance to be IN A VIDEO GAME! The games were kind of lame, but hey, it was a chance to be in an actual video game!

After I watch a few video's on Youtube, you can clearly tell this game show was meant to show of new video games to kids so they could beg mom and dad to buy them the game. Advertising at it's finest!

I look at the actual TV show itself and it wasn't really that good of a show, but as a kid, it was glorious. Also, if 'boy bands' are/were your thing, Joey Fatone was a contestant in the show.