After Ronda Rousey almost got her face kicked off, "Ray Lewis" decided to give her a motivational speech.

In this case, Ray Lewis is actually Andre Boyd (a Ray Lewis impersonator. Because those exist.), but his speech isn't really different than one the actual Ray Lewis would give. This means rambling with no actual point and giving a bunch of metaphors that don't make sense at all.  

The only difference is that he didn't mention how God made her lose to teach her a lesson, and he didn't make any mention of the guy whose murder he helped cover up.

The real Ray Lewis may mean well, but it would be nice if he would just go away, because no one likes him.

No TV, no interviews, nothing at all. Maybe people would be okay if he stuck around if he would just stop being so high and mighty all of the time, and change his voice so it doesn't sound like he's trying to give a motivational speech.