It’s not easy when you live with family members or loved ones with differing political or social opinions. While a lot of conflict can be handled with informed conversation, it can still be really hard to navigate tough or awkward discourse. It’s even more difficult when those family members subscribe to extremist viewpoints, such as the right-wing conspiracy group QAnon.

The title QAnon refers to a disproven fringe conspiracy theory involving a cabal of Satanic, cannibalistic pedophiles who supposedly operate a global child sex trafficking ring. Those who hold these beliefs think that these alleged pedophiles are Democratic politicians who are out to dismantle the power of former President Donald Trump. In addition, many members also deny the threat of COVID-19 and believe the widespread vaccine, which has been called “effective and safe” by the CDC, is dangerous to one’s health.

These viewpoints can often become harmful when subscribers of QAnon theories try to force them onto their family members or significant others, many of whom want no involvement with QAnon.

Oftentimes, these huge differences in opinions can cause serious rifts between parents and kids, husbands and wives, and live-in partners. In some cases, QAnon can even tear a family apart. Many victims feel as if they’ve lost their QAnon loved ones to a cult, while others fear their own safety or the safety of their children.

Many victims turn to the internet to share their personal accounts of dealing with loved ones who are a part of QAnon, in hopes of receiving support from others who have dealt with something similar.

Here are 15 sad, frustrating and downright mind-boggling Reddit stories from family members who have firsthand experience living with a member (or members) of the QAnon community.

15 Mind-Boggling QAnon Family Stories

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