Puddle of Mudd made their return last month with their first album in 10 years — Welcome to Galvania. Frontman Wes Scantlin had a few run-ins with the law during that recording hiatus, but he's been clean for a few years now, which he credits to God. He refers to his incarceration as a blessing from God, as well.

The singer endured several battles with substance abuse, which led to his legal issues. "Jail is cold. It's very, very cold," Scantlin told Kerrang!, adding that he gained 60 pounds during his time there. The vocalist spent three months in solitary confinement, where he spent most of his time doing workouts in his cell and praying.

"God basically got me through all that stuff. It was scary and I wish it upon no one. It's basically like being locked in a cage for three months without anybody trying to give you any love," says the singer.

Scantlin looks back at his jail time as a blessing from God, because it was the sort of awakening he needed to clean his act. "God's always been here for me the entire time. I just got done praying for the day, and I'm pretty sure that he probably just put me there. I was trying to escape from a bunch of really whack-ass, freaky-deaky people," he continued.

"So I'm blessed by God for having to endure that kind of incarceration, which is mind-blowing and crazy, but it's obviously helped me get to another chapter in my life which is filled with love and positivity and joy and happiness ... I feel amazing, man. I really do."

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