President Obama appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live last night. Jimmy pointed out that the Prez, like George W. Bush before him, was catching some criticism for coming on the show.

Deciding to face the haters head on, the Commander in Chief did an all Obama edition of "Celebrities Read Mean Tweets about Themselves".

I think that no matter how you feel about a president, if he can laugh at himself, that's always a good thing.

Here are some of my favorites from the bit:

"A 30 rack of Coors Light is now $23 at Sun Stop. Thanks, Obama."


"How do you make Obama's eyes light up? Shine a flashlight in his ears."

The President seemed to really enjoy that one.

And I really enjoyed this one:

"I am alright with the President wearing jeans. I am not alright with the President wearing THOSE jeans."


Jimmy came out rocking some really ill-fitting old man jeans and it seems the President has seen the error of his ways. So, new jeans for the Prez. I think we all can agree that that's a good thing too.


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