UPDATE (5/13/14 12:31 a.m.): Baby Natallya's grandmother, Heidi Thill, contacted WZZM-13 confirming that baby Natalya is dead and that Matthew Bradley told police where to find her. She was found dead in the basement.

Thill says police told her that 4-month-old Natallya Rich was found dead in the basement. They aren't letting anyone in the house and are planning to question all that lived in the house. The baby, mother, Bradley (the mother's boyfriend), and grandmother all lived in the home together.

Thill stated that both she and her husband had been in the basement over the past few days and neither had noticed anything out of the ordinary.

UPDATE (10:35 p.m.): A man and woman whose four-month-old baby has been reported missing have been taken into custody. The man is under arrest.

The little girl still hasn't been located, and police ask whoever has her to return her home. Investigators don't believe that whoever has her has done anything wrong at this point, but the girl needs to be returned to her home.

ORIGINAL STORY: Police and family members in White Cloud are searching for a four-month-old baby and are asking for the public's assistance.

White Cloud police told our friends at WZZM-13 that Natallya Rich was dropped Friday at a babysitter's house. They believe that they sitter may not know the family is looking for her.

The baby's mother's boyfriend, Matthew Bradley, dropped her off at the sitter's while her mother was sick and trying to recover. He has since vanished and has a history of drug problems. There is a warrant out for his arrest for charges unrelated to Natallya's disappearance.

Anyone with information is being asked to contact the White Cloud Police Department at (231) 689-1696.

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